Terms and Conditions

A 50% initiation payment is required for this product to be ordered and processed. Some orders may require progress payments up until completion of works. Please cross-reference this quotation with any brochures that are attached to ensure that the items quoted are correct as per your requests. Please review this quotation and advise any amendments in writing, as the initiation payment made by you is your confirmation of acceptance of this quotation and your agreement to proceed. The customer has agreed to the colour, style and texture of the products unconditionally in this agreement and this cannot be altered after the door has been ordered. Approximate delivery date will be indicated by company representative and is estimated as accurately as possible in good faith having regard to existing conditions and commitments at the time of sale. Changes must be expressed in writing to Sydney Garage Doors before ordering doors. Sydney Garage Doors reserve the right to touch up and or repair all products, supplied, and installed on site. The colour of replacement panels may differ in colour when compared to existing panels.

The customer shall be fully liable for all and any actual costs the company incurs in the dept collection, including commission and or recovery of any amount due by the customer under this agreement. The customer will be charged and liable for any interest lost from the due date until the date the amount owing is paid at a rate of 2 percent above the unsecure rate of the company’s bank accruing on a daily basis and being quarterly until payment is made. Property of the goods supplied shall not pass to the purchaser until total amount of this invoice has been paid. Full Payment is required strictly on completion of all works.

No allowance for the supply of power to the automated installation has been allowed for, unless otherwise stated in the original quotation. No allowance has been made for any changes made to the installation area from the time of measuring (ceiling or floor heights or opening side room or head room.) It is the customer’s / Builder’s responsibility to install required noggins and fixing points as per our installation layout instructions prior to the installation of product and to ensure that the garage door will fit correctly.

The customer must ensure the garage is free from safety hazards and obstructions before the installation date so the door can be installed as we will be working at heights on ladders. The workspace must be clean and clear of all building materials or machinery on the day of installation. We require ¾ of a standard size garage floor from the front to be clear for panel lift doors and half for roller doors on the date of the booking. Please pass the information to the supervisor on site as it is very important to have the garage workspace floor clear when we install the garage door for OH&S reasons. The Company and its Directors will not be responsible or liable for failure by damage, cracking or collapsing from any cause whatsoever of all masonry or rendered surface while drilling or fixing, reasonable care will be taken while drilling or fixing.

If the garage floor space is found to be unsafe or is obstructed with any building materials when our technicians arrive on site on the date of installation. And the installation is not possible, a new date is to be scheduled and a non-install fee of $400 plus GST will apply if the garage installation site is not prepared with fixing points and or clear of obstructions and it is not accessible or possible by our technicians to install the garage door on the date of the booking. Storage of garage doors ordered and in storage for longer than two months from the time of receiving the order will incur a long term storage fee of $ 200 plus GST and each month after that time has passed the fee will increase by the same amount each month it is in storage. Claims for damaged panels must be made within 7 days of the installation date. Garage Doors & Automation that has been installed by must be serviced annually; failure to have your door serviced will void your warranty. Goods are covered by the manufacturer’s warranties, a copy is available on our web site and has been sent to you when you placed the order. Smooth doors without a woodgrain texture are subject to oil canning, the degree of oil canning may vary and cannot be determined but is more prevalent in dark colours. This is not a warranty issue and is not covered under warranty as part of the warranty- please confirm that the end user is aware of this prior to ordering the door. All quotations are valid for 30 days.

The final balance of payment will be required on the date of installation.

Sydney Garage Doors will send a final invoice for the balance owing via an email one day prior to installing the goods. Our technicians will test the remote controls and the garage doors operation when completed and will require confirmation of the final payment being made prior to our technician leaving site in the form of a bank receipt. Remote controls will only be issued once final payment has been received.

Please Note: All original packaging and wrapping material from goods you have purchased with the product will be gathered together and left on site for your disposal after delivery and installation of your new products by SGD.

Final Payment strictly on or before the installation date.
(Remalpa Clause): All goods remain the property of Sydney Garage Doors until the total price has been discharged and final payment is received in full.

Sydney Garage Doors comply with the terms laid out by the ACCC. As such, we will choose to repair, replace or refund depending on the product fault. Refunds will be processed at the same value of the invoice. This will serve as full and final settlement. The consumer acknowledges and accepts that no other compensation will be awarded. At times, the company may agree to leave the goods and provide a discount in lieu of the rectification work. This will be assessed on a case by case basis and will require mutual agreement between the company and the consumer.


Warranty Conditions
All service work carried out by Sydney Garage Doors on secondhand garage doors for repair or maintenance, DO NOT AND WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER ANY WARRANTY for any parts and or labour charged for.

New Garage door kits are supplied with hardware and tracks in purposeful condition that require care and attention. To keep all hardware and tracks in good working condition and maintain your factory warranty for the full two years you must service your garage door within the first twelve months from the date of sale and installation.

Service requirements
Domestic/residential use – servicing every 12 months is required.
Commercial use – servicing every 6 months is required.
High usage Main entry car park doors you must service every 3-6 months

Recommended timeframe for standard use is once every 12 months, and for more frequent users this recommended every 6 months. Refer to Sydney Garage Doors Product warranty on our web site. www.sydneygaragedoors.com.au